Privé by Heel & Buckle London

ASelect your outfit for an occasion

BMake an appointment here. Share your specifications in terms of style, colour and size to our Sales Specialist. Also, share the location of your choice where you would prefer the Sale Specialist to visit

COur Sale Specialist will come to the location of your choice and walk you through the wide range of collection available in your desired colour and style that we believe will suit your style and taste and the process of purchasing the shoe

DMake a selection from the range available from the convenience of your home or desired location

EDress to kill and enjoy your evening

A modified version of this service is on offer for larger groups, e.g. a business event, group congregation before a night out, social gatherings, etc.

Please note, that as of now this service is only available in Mumbai & Delhi.

For an appointment, please get
in touch with us at:
Mumbai: +91 22 4971 1497
Delhi: +91 11 40870737